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Explorethe Wildernessof Thailand

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Explorethe Wildernessof Thailand

Safe and fun River expeditions with theThai Adventure Rafting Team.Mountain trails, hill tribe villages.

Your Safety Is Paramount

Founder and manager of Thai Adventure, Guy Gorias, is a licensed life-guard and has been a professional rafting guide for 20 years, he is also physiotherapist. He studied at the sport college of Font-Romeu (France).

During the last 20 years, we transported more than 20,000 people without any major injury (a few cuts and bruises), proving that the Pai river can be fun and safe.
However, for your own safety, always check from reliable sources (guide books or neighbourhood) the reputation and casualties of the operators you want to travel with.

After selecting a life jacket, a helmet (EEC standard) and a paddle suited to your size, you will listen to a safety briefing and paddling instructions.

Our guides and staff
guides and captains are selected according to their physical condition, relationship abilities and sense of responsibility.
They are trained according to the international standard of rescue and first aid, they wear rescue jackets and carry throw bags.
Born from the diversity of Pai & Mae Hong Son culture, they will share with you their pleasure and perception of nature.

Tour leaders: Chai, Poo, Mike, Jaka (TAT Guide License)
Captains: Chick, Loon, Uthai, Shan, Neung, Anoucha (5—15 years experience)
Secretary: Nam, Nong
Logistic: Wan, Toon,
Maintenance: Yot

Boats & equipment
Due to the nature of the activity (expedition in a remote area), Thai Adventure uses only state of the art equipment.

We use different sized boats depending on the water-level:
Imported Hypalon self-bailing boats from 'Aqua Design' made in EEC — best fabric on the international market
Imported Airex-foam life jackets from 'Aqua Design' — EEC approved
Imported helmets from 'Decathlon' or 'Aqua Design' — EEC approved
Imported paddles from 'Carlisle' USA
Imported waterproof containers for cameras (EEC) and dry bags for personal bags (USA).

In case of injuries sustained during a tour, our New Hampshire Insurance will cover medical expenses up to THB 100.000.

Rafting Seasons and Water Levels

Middle Pai River (Class 4) :
Class 4 doesn't require any previous rafting experience but does require a reasonable physical condition and the ability to swim.

Rainy Season

A great season as most of the rain will fall at night.
Maximum 2 hours rain during the day. Warm. Temperature 30°.
Water temperature 24°
Water levels:









Cold Season

No rain except for a few storms.
Foggy and cool in the morning, hot during the day (28°) and can be very cold at night (5°)
Take warm clothes for outdoor overnight tours.






Medium Low


Hot season

Not the best time in Northern Thailand: Very hot during the day (40°)and warm at night.
Dry landscape, limited visibility due to bush fires and haze.
No rafting activity.






Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about malaria?

    The Thai Health Office advises not to take any anti-malaria drug in the country because:
    1) Very low chance of contamination in the country, even in border areas.
    2) Anti-malaria treatments do not provide a full protection and could have side effects such as dizziness, headaches, motion sickness.
    3) It is sufficient to apply anti mosquito lotion at dawn and sleep under a mosquito net. City areas are always safe.

  • What about drinking water?

    Water from the tap is not safe In Thailand. People will always offer you filtered water from bottles or tanks.
    Filtered drinking water is included on all our trips.

  • What about my luggage?

    Day Bag:
    There is a hard-shell waterproof container on each boat for your day-bag: Cameras, sunscreen lotion, snacks, medicines, etc. are readily accessible at any time. You should protect sensitive items from shocks with a small plastic or textile bag.

    Remaining luggage:
    During trekking or rafting, we store your main luggage in our cloak room (Free service)
    It will be transferred to your destination in Mae Hong Son on the day of your arrival.

  • What about my valuables?

    While rafting, you can take your valuables in your night bag or leave them in a safe box in our office.

  • Am I able to go rafting?

    If you feel comfortable in water, you are in regular physical shape and you love nature, then this is an expedition for you!
    Children from 7 years of age are welcome.
    No previous experience is required.
    Blind persons and other handicapped people have already taken part and fully enjoyed this trip!

    • During the highest water levels, we might advise young swimmers to delay their departure for a few days during the month of September
    • In cases of sickness, wounds, open sores, fever, it is better to stay ashore!

  • Where is your camp situated?

    Our camp is located in a deep forest area without road access. Our jungle camp consists of simple, convenient bamboo huts.
    You can choose to sleep either in an open bungalow with mosquito nets or in a tent. (Sleeping bag + camping foam mattress)
    Sit in the dining room: Benches and long convivial table
    Take a natural bucket-shower in the stream
    Simple ceramic toilets are bucket-flushing.
    Activities: Fishing, short treks up hill or swimming in the river
    (Special accommodation is available on request — a private, large tent and air bed.)

    Meals and & diet
    Our guides are also excellent cooks; they use wooden fires to cook fresh ingredients. Perishable foodstuffs travel in a cool-box. We bake our own bread.
    Advise us when you register if you need a special diet. Vegetarian options consists of mushrooms, tofu, vegetables and fruit.
    Water, Orange squash, fresh coffee and tea are free and available any time.
    A small and limited bar is available at the camp; if you wish to bring your own beverages, you are welcome to do so.

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Transport and Map

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Chiang Mai

Mae Hong Son
Chiang Mai


From your hotel.
Capacity 9 pers.
THB 2,500/3h

Return to Pai included in
rafting + THB 2,500.
Arrival at 21:00.

Joint Minivan

From your hotel.
Departure 09:00; 13:00
THB 250/3h

Return to Pai is
included in rafting
+ THB 250 (next day)


Departure 10:20,
Arrival 11:00 THB 2000

Departure 16:10
Arrival: 16:45
THB 1,6500

Local Bus

From Arcade Bus Station
5 departures daily
THB 100/4h

Departure: 07:00,
08.30, 10.30, 12:00
THB 250 (next day)

If you prefer to rent your own car from Chiangmai, we recommend:


Thai Adventure Lodge

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Very private and convenient: We have 3 original and spacious cottages available for you, located on our base just 600 meters from Pai center.

After a Continental or American breakfast at "La Terrasse" panoramic restaurant, you will be on the spot for the "rafting briefing" — or ready to explore your surroundings on foot, mountain bike or motorbike, with a detailed map of the area.
Click for Details ...

Our panoramic restaurant offers excellent Thai and western food , home made bread, fresh coffee …
… and you will be on the spot for the rafting safety briefing.

Double Room

THB 800/night

Extra Bed

THB 150/night

American Breakfast

THB 100

In case our cottages should be fully booked or not to your choice, we can help you book one of the friendly hotels nearby:
Similar standard: Baan Tawan, Pairadise, Baan Pai Village, Kiniman
Resort standard: Belle Villa, Baan Krating, The Quarter, Pai River Corner

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© Thai Adventure Rafting • 39 Moo 3 • Chaisongkram Road • Tambon Viangtai • Mae Hong Son • Thailand 58130 • Tel: + 66 53 699 111
TAT License #: 23/0187

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