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A little history …

When I discovered the Pai River in 1987, only bamboo rafting was available in Thailand and Pai was a small, unknown village sleeping in the foothills of the Himalayas. Today, Pai is becoming the "Mecca" of the white water rafting in Thailand and I'm proud to manage one of the safest and most professional operations in the country for the pleasure of the nature lovers from all over the world. Guy Gorias.
  • First survey of the Pai River
    (March 1987)
    Guy Gorias & Daniel Gordon. After the third night camping along the Pai River ...
  • … and Pong Wongmala, our guide Building our bamboo raft with Karen people. The second night of our 6 day expedition
  • Thai Adventure during its early days ...(December 1988)
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Our Captain

Guy Gorias
Technical director & founder of THAI ADVENTURE RAFTING
Life-guard & swimming instructor
Scholarship at Font-Romeu Sport College
Vice-president of Pai association for travelers (1994-2000)
  • Jaloey Raft Captain. Like so many of our team, he was born in Look Khao Lam. He enjoys rafting more than anyone ...
  • Chai, alongside his friend Poo, the longest serving captains in Thailand.

    Two smooth operators, who make you feel safe and happy to be on board.
  • Loon Raft Captain. Fun, strong and very friendly. One of the pillars of our team.
  • Anoucha Raft Captain. Born in Pai. As strong as he is sweet ...
  • Mike Tour Leader (TAT licensed guide). Born in Look Khao Lam, a village close to the river. . Has humble sense of nature. Look at your surroundings through his eyes — beyond words ...
  • Antoin. Our youngest licensed guide. He can accompany tours as safety kayaker, rafting guide, archery coach. He is fluent in Thai, English and French.
  • Erik Technical Consultant. Expedition leader on the Colorado River. Class V kayaker, film maker. We owe a lot to his professionalism ...
  • Pana On top of his Lahu hilltribe origins, he a gifted tour guide. He has an open heart and a bright smile. He just graduated this year as TAT.
  • Sompong A Lahu gentleman. He has 5 years experience as a guide and now has a TAT license. He is always ready to jump into a boat!
  • Utay Has a great sense of the river, a cool and fun guy, he likes to crack jokes!
  • Jaffa Our safe driver who never misses any of the 300 curves on the way to the river …
  • Jako Intrepid and cool tempered. The perfect profile for an accompanying safety kayaker and an excellent rafting guide.
  • Toon A skilled chef, who is responsible for preparing your delicious lunches and wrapping them in banana leaves to keep them fresh and tasty.
  • Pang Our expert for boat repairs, maintenance and tour logistics.
  • Nong Our indispensable office secretary. A lovely person when she is in a good mood …
  • AGORA TOURS Co. Ltd.
    39, Moo 3. Chaisongkram Road.
    Viangtai, Pai, Mae Hong Son
    THAILAND 58130
    Tat license 23-1087
    Tel/FAX: 66 - (0)53 699 111
    Mobile: 66 - (0)81 993 9674

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