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Who are we

Meet our team!

We are here since 1987! as the pioneer of rafting in Thailand!!

Our captain!

Founder, CEO

Technical director & founder of THAI ADVENTURE RAFTING
Life-gauad & swimming instructor
Scholarship at Font-Romeu Sport College
Vice-president of Pai association for travelers (1994-2000)

our team leader

TAT Leader Tour

Following his brother dream of rafting captain he start to raft since he was 15 years old make hem one of the most experience captain in thailand.
with his friendly and experience skill make you enjoy the great show.

TAT Leader Tour

Chai, alongside his friend Poo, the longest serving captains in Thailand

Two smooth operators, who make you feel safe and happy to be on board.

TAT Leader Tour

Tour leader (TAT licensed guide). Born in look khao Lam, a village close to the river… Has humble sense of nature. Look at your surroundings through his eyes – beyound words…

TAT Leader Tour

Our youngest licensed guide. He can accompany tours as safety kayaker, rafting guide, archery coach. He is fluent in Thai, English and French.

TAT Leader Tour

Phana Born from look khao lam same village as Mike with the sense of nature and humor. skill of crafter in the wildnes and heart of arts.


Raft Captain. Fun, strong and very friendly. One of the pillars of our team.


Raft Captain. Born in Pai. As strong as he is sweet…


Has a great sense of the river, cool and fun guy, he likes to crack jokes!


Intepid and cool tempered. The perfect profile for an accompanying safety kayaker and an excellent rafting guide.


Born form look kaw lam, strong commitment and sharp in decision, He love both kayaking and rafting in his heart.

Technical consultant

Technical Comsultant. Expedition leader on the Colorado River. Class V kayaker, film maker. We own a lot to his professionalism…


Mr.One Our belove Steward who taking care of the club, garden and facility. He is also very skill in Cooking chef… follow by his name.

Our Story

How it happened ?

When I discovered the Pai River in february 1987, bamboo raft was the only kind of river boat available in Thailand and Pai was a quiet unkknown village nested in the foothills of the Himalayas

No one could predict that the 2 day expedition on the Pai River will become a must do in South East Asia, recommended in the renouned National Geographic guide book !

After three decades, I’m proud to still give my support to the Thai Adventure team, the most experienced white water rafting opration in the country

Founder, CEO

What they say
about us

"Loved it! We went in wanting to just get some whitewater time in for a day, see the local river and get our kid to raft for the first time. Guy told us about the 2-day rafting/jungle camp trip and we went for it. There were 20-30 rapids/day, most pretty chill, but some quite exciting and a few peops got tossed out, but were able to get back in quickly without harm and with joy on their faces.

The guides were friendly and super capable. The jungle camp was charming - apparently they have to build it every year with local materials. There were water buffalo hanging out not far from us by the river when we got there, and they came near our lodgings in the morning to graze and check our stuff out.

If you're the fidgety sort and get bored easily like my husband, you might want to just do the 1-day trip. I loved the 2-days as it forced me to sink into my surroundings. I wish there was a way to capture the feeling of being surrounded by all that old growth jungle for hours, but phones don't do it justice and we couldn't have our phones out anyways, so that indelible sense of peace just has to stay in my heart."
Prisna nuengsigkapian
Incredible 2 days of Rafting !!
I Highly recommend this activity!!
The guides know everything in the jungle (catch snake/make fire/surf in rafting/find fruits/see wild animals/Magic’s tricks)
Very good company !! The oldest one in Pai for Rafting!
If you want some: Rafting sport action water jungle wildlife and laugh...go there !!