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Perfect Two Day Tour

I booked a 2-day-tour at the beginng of October, one day trekking, overnight in a village and one day rafting.

The tour was well organised, I was picked up at my hostel on time and we had a good breakfast before we were taken to the starting point of our trekking tour where we (6 people) met our guide. Driving there took about one hour. The trek was really challenging, it went up and downhill all the time and the sun was shining on us. The awesome views in between, the fresh air and the calmness (and the lunch) were rewarding enough to continue. We arrived after 5-6h of trekking at a small village where we had dinner and spend the night. Our guide was very quiet, he made us a walking stick and answered any questions you had, but otherwise didn't talk very much. While some people might prefer it this way, I personally would have liked him to tell us a bit more about the nature. In the end it was a a memorable first day which brought me close to my walking limits. (Don't expect air condition or hot water in a traditional mountain tribe village!)

After breakfast we were picked up at the village and drove again for about 1h to the rafting staringt point. Everyone received a helmet and a life jacket before we took off in the boats. (6 people/boat, 2 boats) While the views on the nature were about as beautiful as during the trekking, the rafting was clearly the less exhausting and more adventures part. The guides told us, the water level was medium, but for me it seemed pretty high and fast (my first time rafting). The guides are fun and know the river very well, so as long as you follow their commands, you won't get harmed. But you are sure to get very wet! The rafting trip was about 5 to 6h too.
The tour finished in Mae Hong Son where a car was waiting for us. The drive back to Pai took two hours and were dropped off at our ho(s)tels.

That is when I had a another, unintended adventure. After two solid days of action, I was really tired so I somehow managed to lose my fanny bag which contained my passport, smartphone and some money during the process. After talking to the person who organized our tour, I was told the bag had been found. To my relief everything turned out fine and I was able to pick it up the next day. Considering that I didn't even know where, exactly, I lost the bag and that the guides could have just said they didn't find anything, that was a really positive experience!

All in all, a well-organized tour!

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